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Different worlds

There is no such thing as reality. There is merely the perception of reality. Even so, this perception is concealed from us within the vastness of the cosmos, extending only to the limits of the event horizon. We can peer only as far as the distance that light has traveled during the entire lifetime of the Universe. If anything exists beyond that, it is unknowable to us. We perceive merely a few percent of the Universe, while the rest consists of dark energy and dark matter, entities about which we remain entirely ignorant. This realization signifies a true collapse of our arrogance and the illusion of human grandeur. We hold little significance in the face of the might of the macrocosm.

It takes just a glance downward to observe a different image of nature, another perspective, to behold an entirely different world. Although this world we can still comprehend, in the subatomic microscale, we might feel as bewildered as Alice in Wonderland. We possess no receptors to detect this world. We do not even have a brain capable of comprehending the principles governing the microcosm. Here, nothing aligns with our intuition. We rely solely on equations and quantum computation results, which astonishingly seem to dictate the world's behavior.

Alice: I... I really don't know who I am at this moment, sir. I could tell you who I was this morning, but since then I've changed many times.

Lux in tenebris

The single was released on streaming platforms on July 09, 2024.

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